About the Girl

I am a 40-something skywatching, stargazing, animal- and nature-loving dreamer with a deeply pessimistic side.  I see beauty in odd places and morbid things and love trying to capture a moment through the lens of my camera.  I chose the name Fallen Sky Photos because I feel like I have fallen so far and so hard that I’ve shattered into pieces.  One of my friends told me I shine like broken glass and I found that sadly beautiful; I embrace that still.  These photographs are how I see the world and I want to share that with you.

I am a guardian (not an owner) to two furkids:  One cat, Lucy, and one dog, Sam. They are both shelter animals and have given me back way more than I could ever give them (but I try my damnedest).  All of my furkids have been adopted from a shelter because I believe in giving unwanted animals a home.  I also believe strongly in spaying/neutering our pets.

I am not religious, but I am spiritual in my own way.  As I stare at the stars in the sky, or listen to the trees whisper as the wind blows, I feel connected to the universe; to something bigger than myself.  That feeling has not only brought me peace, but has helped when having a panic attack or when I’m afraid to be in the present/feel my body  (aka dissociation).  I guess you could say then that nature is my religion.  I’m learning about spirit animals right now and am finding peace in that as well; this explains my lifetime obsession/love for owls.  🦉

I’m still trying to free myself and I think that this photoblog is one way for me to do it.  I hope you’ll like and comment and just really enjoy my perspective.  I don’t claim to be any good at it, lol, so know that this is done out of love with no claim of great skill, lol. 🖤